Happy Birthday to me....?
2007-08-21 13:53:40 UTC
Well my 14th Birthday is coming up and I cant come up with any party ideas. It has to be kinda cheap. 8-10 people (boys and girls) I was thinking about laser tag but wasnt sure. Any other suggestions?
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2007-08-21 13:56:56 UTC
Well,happy birthday anyway.
2007-08-21 21:02:33 UTC
Laser tag sounds like lots of fun to me. I've played Paint ball and that was fun, but you get pretty dirty and I'm sure you want to stay looking cute. A swim party and BBQ with dance music is fun. Scavenger hunts are lots of fun. Try a theme party like everyone HAS to wear a hat, or Groucho glasses. Happy Birthday to you!
2007-08-21 20:58:04 UTC
Happy birthday to you! Laser tag sounds fun stick with that
2007-08-21 20:57:54 UTC
well u can just have a party at ur house do u have a pool? or u can just get games and bbq but laser tag is a lot of fun but i cant remeber how expensive it was
Marvin R
2007-08-21 21:01:41 UTC
Happy Birthday -- how about a dress up as your favorite character from a television show or movie. how about a theme party such as a Hawaii, Surf, Ski, Racing, beauty contest, dance contest. perhaps a 50's party or other decade.
2007-08-21 20:57:45 UTC
14th birthday has got to be cheap? Dang that sucks. My 14th is gonna be AWESOME. lol

But anyway. Go it depends where you live and stuff. Also you could do a scavenger hunt in a house or the mall ;D
2007-08-21 20:59:36 UTC
Happy b-day. I did this once for a birthday party. i brought my friends to the YMCA and we all went swimming. u have to call and make reservations.
2007-08-21 20:59:33 UTC
I don't know what laser tag costs, but have another suggestion: Miniature golf.
2007-08-21 21:00:27 UTC
play pin the glasses on the rock star.....instead of pin the tail on the donkey...just a suggestion....have a water balloon fight....have everyone in bathing suits so u dont mess up ur clothes....and Happy Birthday!!!
2007-08-21 21:26:46 UTC
well you could all go to the mall, or see a movie.

laser tag would be fun.
sneaky squirrel
2007-08-21 21:02:17 UTC
OMG! I wish I was 14 again! Try listening to music and playing uno! I know, it sounds corny, but w/ that many people, it could be fun!
2007-08-21 20:59:06 UTC
paintballing is always fun. lasertags a bit crap really, and there's no risk involved.

Paintballing is pretty cheap, an its a great chance to vent anger
2007-08-21 20:57:04 UTC
You could play video games on Nintendo WII.
2007-08-21 20:57:49 UTC
have a happy ♫ ♪ birthday
2007-08-21 20:57:16 UTC
Have a pizza party?
2007-08-21 20:59:47 UTC
a scavenger hunt made for your age group..
'Old & Cudley'
2007-08-21 23:04:11 UTC
♥ Victoria ♥
2007-08-21 20:57:18 UTC
a masquerade...I think it would be cool

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