Whats your ALL TIME favorite song?
2008-12-29 12:13:09 UTC
What is your all time favorite song??? Whether its Miley Cyrus, or an oldie song???? 10 POINTS EASILY!!!!!!
26 answers:
Please Be Mine! From Rose
2008-12-29 12:16:30 UTC
Anything between the JONAS BROTHERS and TAYLOR SWIFT and PARAMORE and and and um....
2008-12-29 20:15:47 UTC
Like a Rolling Stone- Bob Dyaln

or Imagine- John Lennon
2008-12-29 20:19:14 UTC
Natasha Bedingfeild- Soulmate
§trαιtєdgє Rєd Bull [[єgr]]
2008-12-29 20:15:45 UTC
Citizen Soldier - 3 Doors Down
Grape juice
2008-12-29 20:18:28 UTC
Oh it would have to be something from the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers soundtrack.. Like "Bless Yore Beautiful Hide", "Goin' Co'tin'"

or "Lonesome Polecat"
But Inside I'm Screaming
2008-12-29 20:16:15 UTC
Imagine by John Lennon
2008-12-29 20:16:13 UTC
For The Nights I Can't Remember - Hedley
συя ¢нємιѕтяу ιѕ кєяσѕєηє ♥
2008-12-29 20:16:02 UTC
Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? by The Offspring
2008-12-30 00:06:33 UTC
Gone (going) by Jack Johnson

Crazed People Rule The World
2008-12-29 20:16:36 UTC
It's Over - Jesse McCartney
2008-12-29 20:21:57 UTC
basement ghost singing by armor for sleep <333

(no seriously, it's <3)
2008-12-29 20:17:21 UTC
Earth,wind and fire-something in the past
2008-12-29 20:44:47 UTC
She will be loved- maroon 5

Your beautiful- james blunt
2008-12-29 20:16:53 UTC
"The Drugs Don't Work" by The Verve or "Love is Noise" by The Verve.
Carl B
2008-12-29 20:15:59 UTC
2008-12-29 20:15:40 UTC
stand by me from the 80s movie stand by me!
2008-12-29 20:17:14 UTC
you belong to me by lifehouse

i like it cuz itz very claming for me and it really does calm me down at times
Marissa ஜ
2008-12-29 20:16:57 UTC
Don't stop believing -the journey.

the lyrics at the start are the best :)
pretty gangster
2008-12-29 20:20:14 UTC
i love lots-o-songs!

i love what about now by daughtry

i love be my escape by relient k

i love more songs that i cant thing of now.
2008-12-29 20:15:43 UTC
the summer wind-by frank sinatra
2008-12-29 20:17:28 UTC
stairway to heaven-

beautiful guitar solo

house of the rising sun-


my fav song
2008-12-29 20:15:44 UTC
sweet emotion by areosmith
2008-12-29 20:17:28 UTC
moon river. It's so beautiful and it makes me cry!
2008-12-29 20:15:36 UTC
ring ring by mika
2008-12-29 20:16:46 UTC
Mad by neyo
2008-12-29 20:15:13 UTC
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